Writing add-ins for outlook 2010

Get an Office Add-in for Outlook

Handling Outlook events The Add-in Express Toolbox provides the Add Events command that creates and deletes event components providing application-level events.

The new plug-in in the Outlook Explorer window: Adding property pages to the folder properties dialog Outlook allows adding custom pages tabs to the Options dialog the Tools Options menu as well as to the Properties dialog of any folder. Each mail add-in defines the context in which it is available, including the types of items and if the user is reading or composing an item.

We'll have to add the message compose command surface extension point.

Creating an Outlook 2010 Add-In with a Custom Send Button

There are 2 ways you can do this — either by adding a ribbon xml file, or a ribbon visual designer. This is important because an instance of the module is created this runs the constructor when your plug-in is being registered and unregistered. File System Editor In the file system editor, we are going to right click on the Application folder to add a few things: It's possible the add-in is not working correctly with Outlook and Outlook is automatically disabling it at startup.

Eliminating the clutter from your inbox is always a huge benefit. The screenshot below shows the editor window of the ContextMenuNames property. Scripts or viruses that could wreak havoc on your computer are kept at bay with this free Outlook add-in.

Then choose Outlook in the SupportedApp property of the component. This add-in will screen incoming messages without viewing them - great for email security and warding off the possibility of SPAM disrupting your computer or email account.

Click Dim explorer As Outlook.

Using add-ins in Outlook on the web

The code below handles the CheckedChanged event of the check box as well as the Dirty, Apply, and Load events of the property page: See also Connecting to existing commandBar controls. The areas are shown in the screenshot below: Click Dim inspector As Outlook.

Even the attachments of an email can be automatically printed.

Outlook Add-ins overview

To get the context menu names displayed in the screenshot, you need to set the Ribbons property to OutlookMailRead;OutlookMailCompose;OutlookExplorer as shown in the screenshot above.

Sep 20,  · If you tried to install your add-in via the Add button on the COM Add-Ins dialog, that won't work. You must create a proper setup package to deploy your add-in to your target environment.

Apps are more connected to the web while add-ins for and older versions tend to rely on VBA, macros, and other legacy Office conventions. Older add-ins will still work with Officebut.

In Outlook you open that dialog via File Tab | Options | Add-ins | Add-in Options. See also Outlook Property page. Step Intercepting keyboard shortcuts.

To intercept a keyboard shortcut, you use the Add Keyboard Shortcut command that puts an ADXKeyboardShortcut onto the add-in module.

This is compatible with older versions of Outlook. For PST file recovery, it is compatible with Outlook, (including Outlook 32 and 64 bit versions). If you use Outlook Express, it can perform DBX recovery in all versions.

A good portion of the business world uses Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Word applications. Over the years Microsoft has incorporated many extensibility features in office applications.

With the extensibility tools you can create add in's and code special office sentric macros. On the Manage add-ins page, you can do the following: Select Find more add-ins for Outlook at the Office Store to go to the Office Store.

Use the options on the toolbar to add more add-ins, uninstall an add-in, or refresh the page to see a list of the latest add-ins.

Writing add-ins for outlook 2010
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